nn-Norwegian Nynorsk (Norsk nynorsk) - translation progress for f39

Spoken in these territories: false 

Language progress for Norwegian Nynorsk (nn) in Fedora f39 is:

  • 99.13% when we only look on started packages for this language.
  • 74.00% when we compare to every single translatable string in Fedora f39.

Possible scripts are: Latn

  • Total translatable string in Fedora f39: 7523
  • Source words to translate in started packages: 5616
  • Translated words: 5567



Name Translated words Total source words Progress (%) Language teams
bluedevil 535 535 100.0 Norwegian Nynorsk l10n-no@lister.huftis.org
bluefish 5032 5081 99.0 Norwegian Nynorsk i18n-nn@lister.ping.uio.no