de-German (Deutsch) - translation progress for f38

Spoken in these territories: AT  BE  CH  DE  LI  LU  BR  CZ  DK  FI  FR  GB  HU  KZ  NL  PL  SI  SK  US 

Language progress for German (de) in Fedora f38 is:

  • 98.07% when we only look on started packages for this language.
  • 97.42% when we compare to every single translatable string in Fedora f38.

Possible scripts are: Latn

  • Total translatable string in Fedora f38: 7491
  • Source words to translate in started packages: 7442
  • Translated words: 7298



Name Translated words Total source words Progress (%) Language teams
bluedevil 535 535 100.0 German
bluefish 5044 5044 100.0 Deutsch <>
blueman 1719 1863 92.3 German